Miscellaneous Table
Name Effect Gem Cost
Merlin's Magical Tokens (1 issued free each day) Gives you 1 chance to randomly win a rare item in Merlin's Gift (Chance) 5
Dragon's Stomp Destroy one of your buildings immediately 9
Renaming Celebration Change the name of one of your cities 10
Portal of Refuge Teleport your city to another location on the Map at random 30
Fertile Winds Adds 1,000 to your population 50
Portal of Order Teleport your city to a specific location on the Map 90
Merlin's Cloak Change your player name 90
Mass Hypnosis Increases Happiness to 100% (lasts for unclear amount of time) 100
Divine Inspiration Allows you to upgrade a building from Lv. 9 to Lv. 10 100
Second City Deed Required to build a Second City


Third City Deed Required to build a Third City 225
Fourth City Deed Required to build a Fouth City 225