Minimum requirements: Rally Point, At least 1 of the following Supply Troop, Supply Cart, Supply Wagon.

Beneficial requirements: Relief Station - increases speed between cities, the higher the level the greater the speed benefit.

1. Go to the global map, navigate to and click on location to transport.

2. Window opens, select March.

3. Select Transport (default), select Next

4. Select at least 1 of either Supply Troop, Supply Cart or Supply Wagon (Note: in bottom left corner picture of cart followed by number / number. 1st is capacity used, 2nd is carrying capacity.)

5. Select troops for escort if required (not sure if troops make transport safer or not), press Next.

6. Choose volume/type of Resources to send (If Cart figures in bottom left go red then you are over capacity). Select Transport.

Note: Transport will appear under the March flag adjacent to your Research and Build and advise you how long it will take, the further away it is the longer it will take. Troops will return automatically. You will receive an e-mail advising you of the Transportation once it is completed.